about us

About Us

The Bright Hospitability Group is an enterprising family business with lots of energy and enthusiasm and a genuine passion for the hotel business. Following many years of working within other hotel groups throughout Europe, the directors were able to take all that experience and confidently acquire their first hotel back in 2005. Since then they have successfully added more properties to their BHG portfolio and are continually looking to expand and extend their venture.

With 4 hotels, strategically located to support the northern powerhouse cities of Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds, BHG are building a strong reputation and a very successful portfolio of good quality, sensibly priced accommodation, suitable for both business and leisure guests and they offer higher standards than you might expect, whether it’s the free wi-fi or the down-to-earth prices in their bar and restaurants, free parking or the well appointed rooms. You can always be sure of a warm welcome from the BHG staff, who all seem to benefit from a lovely, friendly persona as well as a high level of professional attitude towards their job and the guests. All in all BHG has set out to be a very likeable and amicable company. Always charming never grumpy and easily approachable even when you have an awkward question like: “where’s the nearest branch of Halfords”, for a guest who urgently needed a car accessory.

The philosophy is straight forward enough, if you are prepared to go out of your way to be pleasant and helpful most customers and guests will appreciate it and are more likely to come back for more. It is a pity other businesses can’t adopt the same principles but meanwhile, BHG have got four lovely hotels and look forward to welcoming you next time you are in their part of the country.